Roscoe Mitchell – Sound [Re-release]




Roscoe Mitchell – Sound
Delmark DE 4408

FIFTY YEARS AFTER ?SOUND? was first released on Delmark Records, not only has music changed: our ?ear? has changed. Music is not a universal language, as well intended but poorly informed authors like to say. The musical ?ear? is a historical and social construct that belongs to a specific society and a specific time. A 21st century listener would be more amazed than surprised or shocked by this music; amazed by its maturity, its balance and its sense of structure. Instead of the cataract of adjectives and superlatives this music provoked in its initial reviewers, one now can justly appreciate how much of its language has become integrated into the current ?historical ear?.

Sound ? a landmark recording!
Sound ? the first documentation of AACM music!
Sound ? the state of the art of ensemble in 1966; a summary of the past and implications of things to come.
Sound – issued from the original Stu Black analog mix for the first time!

ROSCOE MITCHELL – Alto Sax, Clarinet, Recorder, etc.
LESTER BOWIE – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Harmonica
LESTER LASHLEY – Trombone, Cello
ALVIN FIELDER – Percussion

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