Record at Delmark’s Riverside Studio

Photo, Lola Reynaerts

Delmark’s historical Riverside Studio features analog  and digital solutions for all your recording, mixing and mastering  needs. An excellent selection of vintage microphones, analog tape recorders, outboard gear and a ProTools HD system offer many avenues of sound reproduction.  Blues, Jazz, Reggae,  African, Rock, Soul, R&B, Cajun, Zydeco, Metal, Country, Folk,  Latin, Classical – all styles of musical creativity have flowed through our equipment. 

Among other historical effects, Riverside Studio has the Hammond B3 organ, various pieces of outboard gear, and a vintage tape machine which were originally used in the studios at Chess Records, and were acquired by Paul Serrano of PS Studios. Later, Serrano relocated them to Riverside. Located on Chicago’s north side, Riverside Studio is the home of Delmark Records, Chicago’s premiere label for jazz and blues.

You can see Riverside Studio in this short video of several Delmark recording sessions:


Protools Ultimate HD recording system
Sony MCI 2″ 24 track analog
Scully 1″ 8 track analog
Ampex ATR-100 1/4″ 2 track analog

Historical Equipment:
Ampex 1/2″ 4 track analog (or 3 track!)
Scully 280 1/4″ 2 track analog (or mono)
Sony PCM 800 Hi8 24 track digital
Sony PCM 2700 2 track DAT
Panasonic SRV 3700 2 track DAT

Mixing console: Neotek Elite
Control Room Monitors:
Focal Twin6 Be
Urei 813C

Neumann U87, U47FET, KM86, KM84
Telefunken U47
RCA 44BX, 44B, 77DX, 77D (all ribbon microphones)
Shure Sm57, Sm58, USX58 wireless, Sm81, Sm7, Sm91, Beta 52
Electro Voice Re20
AKG 451EB, D112
Sennheiser 421
Beyer M380, M88
Various harp mics

Outboard Gear:
Teletronix LA2A Leveling Amplifier
Urei 1176LN Limiting Amplifer (quantity 3)
Mackie Onyx 800R (32 channels)
Hardy M-1 microphone preamplifier, 4 channels
Pultec EQH-2 Equalizer (quantity 2 – reworked with new/old stock)
Reverbs, Delays, Processors
EMT Plate Reverb
Eventide 3000 Ultra Harmonizer
Lexicon 200, PCM 70, PCM 42, PrimeTime
Yamaha SPX 900, SPX 90, Rev 7

Steinway B 7′ piano
Hammond B3 with Leslie speaker (redone, including DIs)
Ludwig drum set
Guitar amps – Fender Vibrolux, Music Man 210, Premier 15 (vintage, for harmonicas), Fender Tweed Twin (50w 2×12), Roland JC120 (vintage)
Fender Bassman head, Ampex head/cabinet

HOURLY RATE $150 including engineer.

Discount rates are available for special packages.

RTM SM900 2″ x 2500′ on 10.5in metal reel $400/reel
RTM SM900 1″ x 2500′ on 10.5in metal reel $250/reel
RTM SM900 1/4″ x 2500′ on 10.5in metal reel $100/reel
(1/2 hour per reel at 15 ips, 1/4 hour at 30 ips. Sold in full reels only)
CDs $2 each

Payment by cash or credit card is due at the end of each session. A deposit will be required to hold dates. The amount of the deposit is based on the overall scope of the project. The minimum deposit is $200. The deposit is applicable towards your final studio invoice.

24 hour notice required for cancellations or postponements. Failure will result in loss of deposit.

Artists who have recorded at Riverside Studio

Mike Wheeler at Riverside Studio

Little Milton Campbell
Syl Johnson
Lurrie Bell
Big Time Sarah
Jimmy Burns
Tail Dragger
Eddy Clearwater
Dave Specter
Byther Smith
Johnny B. Moore
Robert Ward
Willie Kent
Billy Branch
Jimmy Dawkins
Mavis Staples
Mark Hummel
Kim Wilson


Pinetop Perkins at Riverside Studio

Pharoah Sanders
Archie Shepp
David Murray
Franz Jackson
Freddie Hubbard
Brother Jack McDuff
Chris Foreman
Curtis Fuller
Malachi Thompson
Kahil El’Zabar
Ernest Dawkins
Rob Mazurek
Eric Alexander
Chicago Underground
Von Freeman
Ken Vandermark
Zane Massey
Roy Campbell
Cecil Payne
Billy Bang
Bobby Broom
Dr. Lonnie Smith
Hamiet Bluiett
Oliver Lake
Roscoe Mitchell
Lester Bowie
Joseph Jarman
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre


Lace 11 (punk)
Kwami (reggae)
Cast Aside (metal)
Gospel Supremes (gospel)
Dan Boadi (African)
Aswah Gregory (reggae)
Reginald R. Robinson (ragtime)
Ntozake Shange (poetry)
Cajun Jedi (cajun)
Big String Band (old timey)
Frank Morey (no category available)

Other labels who have recorded or mixed at Riverside Studio
Dancing Cat (Windham Hill)
Tone Cool