Women of the Blues

A Coast-To-Coast Collection

From the south side to the west side, the women of Chicago Blues have been performing in clubs and recording in studios for decades. Across all genres spanning the traditional to the contemporary, the women of the blues have challenged the social, racial, and sexual status quo in the historically male-dominated landscape. The roots of the blues in Chicago are portrayed through the lenses of local and international photographers who have captured the boundless talents and influence of these women — this is the essence of Women of the Blues: A Coast-To-Coast Collection.

Lynn Orman Weiss, founder and curator of Women of the Blues Foundation in partnership with Delmark Records president and CEO, Julia Miller, celebrates Women’s History Month with an exhibit featuring an expansive selection of photography featuring the world’s most beloved blues women. The collection pays tribute to over one hundred years of historical recordings, reaching back to 1920, when Mamie Smith released “Crazy Blues,” considered by many the first significant hit recording in the blues genre ever issued. Women of the Blues is shown in honor of Chicago’s undisputed Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor, whose legacy carries on through new generations of blues musicians.

To schedule an in-person visit, please send an email to delmark@delmark.com including your contact information, interested dates, and number of people in your party. Only one party at a time will be allowed inside the gallery at a time and Delmark reserves the right to limit or refuse entry to any patron if entry is deemed unsafe. Masks must be worn and social distancing practices observed at all times.

View the full collection online at www.womenoftheblues.com

Selected titles from Delmark’s Blues Women:

sharon lewis DE 849 album cover
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680 album artwork
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DE 784 cover
DE 750 album artwork
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