Sharon Lewis; Texas Fire – Grown Ass Woman


    DE-849 Compact Disc

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    Delmark DE 849 (2016)
    Compact Disc

    Sharon Lewis unleashes another extraordinary Delmark album; Grown Ass Woman features 12 new original songs with special guest appearances by Sugar Blue and Joanna Connor. In a review of her first Delmark album Rosalind Cummings-Yeates wrote, “The Real Deal (Delmark 816) qualifies as one of the best blues albums of the year” — Illinois Entertainer, December 2011. The new album kicks off with “Can’t Do It Like We Do” a tribute to the current Chicago Blues sound and scene. “Hell Yeah!” is a total party jam, there?s plenty of soul like “They’re Lying” and “Call Home”, and “Freedom” is a timely song which points out that “freedom cannot be freedom until freedom means freedom for everyone!”

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