Jim Robinson – Economy Hall Breakdown


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    Jim Robinson – Economy Hall Breakdown
    Delmark DE 235 (2007)
    Compact Disc

    Trombonist Jim Robinson played professionally from World War I on. In the 1920s he made his first recordings as a member of the Sam Morgan Jazz Band. He gained greater fame with the resurgence of interest in early New Orleans jazz as a regular member of the bands of Bunk Johnson and George Lewis. He sometimes led his own band and appeared regularly at Preservation Hall in his later years. Robinson was known for his deep, wide-toned and robust tailgate style of playing. This 1965 recording is a classic New Orleans jam session. This group never made another appearance as the probability of their being in the same place again was nil, drawn as they were from all over the world. Complete notes by Paige Van Vorst enclosed.

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