JUNETEENTH celebration of Black Artists in Blues & Jazz

Watch, listen, read, download, stream! A selection of blues & jazz recordings by African-American artists from different eras and styles. Blues & Jazz lovers ENJOY & CELEBRATE FREEDOM.

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“On this day, June 19, 1865, Black people’s complete personhood was acknowledged on a systemic level for the very first time. It dates the moment African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans, and Afro-immigrants alike could begin to, on some level, participate in and see themselves as part of a whole society. Since the passage of the 13th amendment, Black Americans like Shirley Chisolm have trail-blazed the socio-political world, creating a place for women like me to feel empowered in sharing my voice and stories with the world. 

As a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and a member of the Divine 9, Juneteenth is also a time for me to acknowledge the ancestry of my founders and the experiences that led them to create our beloved sorority and to fight for the inclusion of black women in every space. I am humbled to share in the legacy of Juneteenth and understand that this becomes my fight to continue.” — Brianna Taylor 

“Delmark Records celebrates Juneteenth with a selection of blues & jazz recordings by African-American artists from different eras and styles. From the muscular style of New Orleans jazz pioneer Bunk Johnson to the contemporary sounds of Nicole Mitchell, Delmark’s represents musical diversity. Swing-era giants Ben Webster and Teddy Wilson are featured on one of our mythical Sackville Series recordings.


Delmark’s catalogue features powerful living blues artists such as Jimmy Burns, Jimmy Johnson and Toronzo Cannon. Amon the historical artists this month’s selection includes Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, who was a huge influence on Elvis Presley and others, the monumental Big Joe Williams, admired and treasured by Bob Dylan and Mike Bloomfield, and the electrifying Karen Carroll, whose career is well overdue for greater recognition.


Delmark Records is the custodian of an enormous legacy of African-American music that we are committed to preserve and make available for America and the world.”  ~ Julia A. Miller, Delmark President


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