Tail Dragger – American People


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    Tail Dragger – American People
    Delmark DE 728 (1999)
    Compact Disc

    Tail Dragger (born James Yancy Jones in Altheimer, Arkansas) strides into Smokedaddy’s on Division Street like a politician greeting his loyal constituency. He towers over the crowd in his cowboy boots and Stetson, shaking hands and shouting his trademark “Whatchusay!” welcome. “American People” is the second number of the set, and he hits it off with obvious relish. He pleads on behalf of Bill Clinton and admits to some indiscretions of his own. He asks people for understanding on both of their accounts; “We all have done wrong, says the Tail Dragger. Forgive Bill. Forgive me. Mercy!”

    Tail Dragger has remained a presence on Chicago’s west side blues circuit for many years, playing at The 5105 Club, The Rat Trap, Dave and Thelma’s, Mary’s Lounge, The Delta Fishmarket, at 345 S. Pulaski and others. He’s often been compared to Howlin’ Wolf and after listening to American People you’ll understand why the Wolf himself once said of Tail Dragger, “One day this boy gonna take my place.”

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