WOMEN OF THE BLUES closing night at Delmark Art Space

WOMEN OF THE BLUES AT DELMARK RECORDS ART SPACE was at Delmark for the past year. A celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and the Women’s Suffrage Movement (Right to Vote)-Thank you to all of the Women Of The Blues and the photographers whose images tell a great story. Over 80 photos, magazine covers, vinyl record covers a true vision of Blues Women who are powerful, beautiful, warm, fiery and unique in their own way.

From the south side to the west side, the women of Chicago Blues have been performing in clubs and recording in studios for decades. Across all genres spanning the traditional to the contemporary, the women of the blues have challenged the social, racial, and sexual status quo in the historically male-dominated landscape. The roots of the blues in Chicago are portrayed through the lenses of local and international photographers who have captured the boundless talents and influence of these women — this is the essence of Women of the Blues: A Coast-To-Coast Collection. Thank you Lynn Orman Weiss and WOMEN OF THE BLUES…!!!!

VISIT “WOMEN OF THE BLUES” VIRTUAL GALLERY: https://delmark.com/gallery/women-of-the-blues/

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