“Vintage Guitar” Magazine gives great review to 91-year-old Jimmy Johnson for his new album “Live Every Day of Your Life”

Blues living legend Jimmy Johnson gets amazing reviews from all over the world for his last master piece.

Review by Oscar Jordan – Vintage Guitar Magazine

Still going strong at the age of 92, Chicago bluesman Jimmy Johnson returns to the Delmark label displaying vitality and great tunes. His no-nonsense approach to blues guitar and high-pitched vocals, his artistry remains true to the style he has fostered for more than 40 years. Influenced by Buddv Guy and Otis Rush, his return to Del-mark finds him hitting the ground running.

The title track is pure Chicago groove. Clean guitar tones, heavy on phrasing and attitude, uplift a message that only a man in his 90s is qualified to deliver. Chicago’s finest support Johnson, including Pooky Styx on drums and Rico McFarland on guitar. On “Rattlesnake,” the two biues guitar virtuosos dive into superb question and answer soloing. A diverse album, Etvery Day of Your Life yields the spirit of authentic Chicago blues without a hint of modern blues-rock smoke and narcissism. On the mid-tempo “Somebody Loan Me a Dime,” Johnson digs deep with imaginative fills and expressive soloing. Famous for his slow blues, Johnson does not disappoint on “Strange Things Happening.” His tenure with Denise LaSalle and Otis Clay also shines through. You can’t have blues without soul. – Oscar Jordan

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