Sunnyland Slim – House Rent Party



    Sunnyland Slim – House Rent Party
    Delmark 655 [Apollo Series]

    The place Lester Davenport and so many others commonly found him was at a “house” Sunnyland Slim ran from 1947 through ’54 at 26th St. and S.Prairie. “It wasn’t no mansion or nothin’ like that but it was comfortable,” Davenport recalled of the basement hangout. “We used to go there, sit around and rehearse, drink, gamble, whatever.” The “we” Davenport refers to included most of the principals and many of the minor players in Chicago blues: bow-legged Othum Brown, Johnny Jones, Floyd Jones, Otis Spann, Louis and Dave Myers, Little Walter, Big Bill Broonzy, Eddie Boyd, Junior Wells, Earl Hooker. Also included were Jimmy Rogers, Wille Mabon and St. Louis Jimmy, the featured sidemen on these Apollo sides.

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