Scott Fields Ensemble – Mamet


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    Scott Fields Ensemble – Mamet
    Delmark DE 527
    Compact Disc (2001)

    Innovative guitarist and composer Scott Fields makes his Delmark debut with a recording of five original compositions inspired by the work of playwright David Mamet. Fields, whose previous ensembles have included such notable musicians as pianists Marilyn Crispell, Myra Melford, and saxophonist Joseph Jarman among others, finds himself in excellent company here. Drummer Michael Zerang is one of the stalwarts of the Chicago scene and has provided the pulse for groups such as the Ken Vandermark Quartet and the explosive Peter Brotzmann Tentet. Bassist Michael Formanek, a respected composer, band leader, and bassist of choice for artists ranging from Lee Konitz to Gerry Hemingway and Tim Berne, also proves invaluable in these musical interpretations of the actions and dialog of Mamet’s most remarkable characters.

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