Kevin O’Donnell’s Quality Six – Heretic Blues (w/ Andrew Bird)


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    Kevin O’Donnell’s Quality Six – Heretic Blues
    Delmark DE 513
    Compact Disc (1999)

    With grace and style, with deftness and a knock-out punch Kevin O’Donnell’s Quality Six defy pigeon-holing in a field of swingsters, hipsters, and oldsters, and deliver what they do best – jazz. Enjoy the rhythm of hot jazz, the pulse of jump blues, the zing of early rock, and yes, the seductive taste of swing. Drummer Kevin O’Donnell is joined by violinist and lead vocalist, Andrew Bird; Josh Hirsch, bass; Colin Bunn, guitar; Chris Greene, alto sax; David Dieckmann, trombone; and on a few tracks Jon Williams, guitar. Not your average swing revival group – eleven of the fourteen songs are original compositions and the group has a sound very much their own.

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