Eddie Johnson – Love You Madly


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    Eddie Johnson – Love You Madly
    Delmark DE 515
    Compact Disc (1999)

    When you’re from Chicago, play the tenor saxophone for a living and come out of the ’40s, you’re expected to ruffle the air like Ammons and Stitt, like Griff and Cliff, like the long-running Von Freeman and so many other Windy City notables on the instrument. Eddie Johnson turned down an offer to join the Ellington band in the early ’40s (Louis Jordan was paying better). He did later record with Duke and although not intended as an Ellington tribute, Love You Madly takes its title from the Duke favorite and includes three other numbers introduced by his orchestra. This is Eddie’s first CD but he did record for Chess in the early ’50s and Nessa in ’81. The support is impeccable and sympathetic as the group on this album have been working together for the last six years.

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