Archie Shepp – The New York Contemporary Five


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    Archie Shepp – The New York Contemporary Five
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    Compact Disc (2010)

    Ever since he burst on the scene in the late 60s Archie Shepp has been recognized as one of the great avant-garde jazz artists of all time. The New York Contemporary Five are Archie Shepp, tenor sax; John Tchicai, alto sax; Don Cherry, cornet; Don Moore, bass; J.C. Moses, drums. Recorded November 11, 1963 at Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen. Features six compositions: “Cisum”, “Crepuscule With Nellie”, “O.C.”, “When Will The Blues Leave”, “The Funeral” and “Mik”. “Since this was a recording of a performance, one is treated to a display of raw, highly emotional music. At turns the music is sloppy, powerful, imperfect, moving, irritating – but always alive and distinctly human.” –Cadence.

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