Kevin Johnson brings all his experience to the new Delmark promo team. He will be focusing specifically in the blues, making sure the media knows about each of our many new releases and our many platforms and formats. Kevin worked for Delmark before, between 2005 and 2017. Welcome back!

Kevin Johnson with Delmark’s President Julia Miller and Elbio Barilari, the label’s Artistic Director.


  1. As a member of the ‘blues media’ or ‘blues press’ I can testify about what a wonderful job Kevin did in the past at Delmark Records. He always was a perfect liaison between the label and the media. So the fact that Kevin is back on track at Delmark is by far the best news I’ve heard recently!

  2. Hi Kevin, Congratulations once again. Please place me on your Delmark email list if you would. I am a Contributing Writer with Blues Blast Magazine and The Blues Magazine, also with a long history of writing blues journalism. Thanks! Joseph Jordan 575 Pierce Street Suite 501 San Francisco, CA. 94117. 415-666-5757.

  3. The right people belong in the right place.
    You can leave the Blues, but the Blues never leaves you.

    Welcome back Kevin
    The Classic Blues & Rock

    Very happy for Delmark team, very happy for Kevin, very happy for the music (particulary Blues), very happy the artists,…
    A real “Bain de Jouvence” as we say here, in France. The family is here back again. JOY, and have a real strong and kind thought to Bob and Sue.
    Best regards to Julia & Elbio.
    Keep on the way, we love you all.

  5. I have always respected a music company who has great in helping there artist and keeping there music and there honor alive. I have always thought of delmart as my place or my musical family home. Although many years back i was ask if i was seeking a good label while performing in chicago i didnt think the possibility of signing to there label would even be considered.. Now i have a brighter view on that subject…thanks demart for keeping the blues alive and for making a musical home for so many artist you know .your record label has stood the test of time and continues to be the leader in real deal legendary blues artist and up coming artist… The enovators of true success .no one has a blues artist roster greater than demart records. Thank god that they are here…R&B Singer Songwriter and musician and JAFF RECORD LABELS USA Music Recording Artist Joseph Alan Fears ..

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