Little Sammy Davis – I Ain’t Lyin’


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    Little Sammy Davis – I Ain’t Lyin’
    Delmark DE 682
    Compact Disc (1995)

    Don Imus is the host of the syndicated radio talk show, Imus In The Morning, now carried in over 70 cities reaching some 20 million listeners. Also known as the author of the best selling comic novel God’s Other Son, the “I-Man” comments on Little Sammy and the band:

    “The two most unlikely people to be in the same band, or for that matter, in the same room together, are Little Sammy Davis and Fred Scribner. Little Sammy, who is a blues singer in the tradition of the great Jimmy Reed, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters looks like a blues singer although he tells me he’s never been in jail and does not have a drug habit. He does, however, have more harmonicas than teeth. And the broken-hearted women Sammy’s left along the way easily outnumber his harmonicas. Women, I might add, who probably still like him about as much as I do. Which is a lot.”

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