Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens – Ready Everyday


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Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens – Ready Everyday
Delmark DE 571
Compact Disc (2006)

Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens explore the boundaries between composition and improvisation. Jackson, saxophonist and principal composer, formed the Chicago group in 2003. “…Jackson’s marbled tone expresses a lovely lyricism no matter how brusque or serrated his lines get.” -Chicago Reader. In 2004, Fast Citizens held a residency at Chicago’s famous club The Hideout, where the group developed a formidable cohesiveness. Their music has broadened, even redefined the idea of a “cooperative” band. The group includes saxophonist Aram Shelton & cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, who also compose, and cornetist Josh Berman, drummer Frank Rosaly & bassist Anton Hatwich. Berman, Jackson & Rosaly are also members of the Chicago Luzern Exchange, whose 2005 release Several Lights (Delmark 561) received great critical and audience acclaim.

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