Jim Baker – More Questions Than Answers


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    Jim Baker – More Questions Than Answers
    Delmark DE 560
    Compact Disc (2006)

    Solo debut by Chicago pianist/synthesist Jim Baker, previously recorded in settings ranging from duets to Ken Vandermark’s Territory Bands; from third-stream projects (with Guillermo Gregorio) to rock groups (with Janet Bean & the Concertina Wire). Having previously collaborated with reedists (Fred Anderson, Kyle Bruckmann, Nicole Mitchell, Dave Rempis,
    Scott Rosenberg, Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams) and with various trios (with bassists Harrison Bankhead, Josh Abrams, Kent Kessler, Brian Sandstrom; cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm; percussionists Steve Hunt, Avreeayl Ra, Michael Zerang), Baker approached the seemingly paradoxical task of recording an album of freely-improvised solo pieces–on both piano and analogue synthesizer–which would have a “somewhat or somehow tuneful” character. Includes liner notes by Jim Baker.

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