Josh Berman Trio – A Dance And A Hop



    Josh Berman Trio – A Dance And A Hop
    Delmark 5021 (2015)

    As this new album A Dance and a Hop makes clear, jazz cornetist Josh Berman’s music has grown by leaps and bounds (or hops). It’s only his third as leader–the first two, also on Delmark, were Old Idea (Delmark 2009) and There Now (Delmark 2012). Berman is accompanied by label-mates Jason Roebke on bass and Frank Rosaly on drums. Berman points out that the eleven original tunes “are directly related to content that I play on cornet; I rarely write without it. I think these trio pieces aren’t from different planets when compared to music of Old Idea or There Now. The main difference here might be an interest in concision. I am very interested in the way Jason plays the bass and Frank plays the drums, and how the tunes live without space being filled by reeds, vibraphone, other voices. I think I wanted to hear what ‘my idea’ sounds like without everything else.”

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