Muhal Richard Abrams – Young At Heart/Wise In Time


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    Muhal Richard Abrams – Young At Heart/Wise In Time
    Delmark DE 423
    Compact Disc (1996)

    The spring of 1969, when this album was recorded, was at the end of a most intense period for Muhal Richard Abrams and his associates. Four years earlier they had formed the cooperative Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. The AACM’s initial objective was simple enough: To produce concerts, at a time when the jazz world in general and in Chicago in particular were struggling through an economic recession. Very quickly, it was clear that something larger was happening, for these were exceptional musicians whom Abrams had taught , nurtured, goaded. It’s as if the jazz revolution begun by Ornette Coleman had lit a fuse that stretched a thousand miles, from New York to the south side of Chicago, to set off four years of fireworks.

    1. Young At Heart
    2. Wise In Time

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