DVD: Mikrokolektyw – Dew Point [Live at Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych]


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    DVD: Mikrokolektyw – Dew Point [Live at Wytwornia Filmow Fabularnych]
    Delmark DVD 1597

    Raymond Salvatore Harmon, producer of Mikrokolektyw Delmark debut Revisit (Delmark 591), returned to Wrocław, Poland to capture this intimate live performance of avant duo Mikrokolektyw at the legendary Polish film studios Wytwornia Filmow Fabularnych in April of 2010. Dew Point places the material of Revisit into the performance setting, expanding their tunes into improvised forms, playing as the soundtrack to director Harmon’s film Sound in Motion. Mikrokolektyw’s electronics driven compositions become more acoustic, the dynamic of each song expanded and explored. Visually the DVD provides a lush and atmospheric backdrop in which the band plays out against rich colors touched with interludes of abstraction from the film they accompany.

    DVD includes 5.1 surround sound, PCM Stereo, plus the film Sound in Motion.

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