Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton is a prolific composer, an accomplished sax, clarinet, flute and piano player.  His work has continually pushed bounds, moving between experimental music, installation art, conceptual operas, and in recent years technological elements like using the computer audio programming language SuperCollider, or directing improvised compositions using iPods as instruments. In addition to his impressive work, he’s spent many years as a respected and invaluable educator and mentor, including time as a professor at both Mills College and Wesleyan University. He's been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (1981), a MacArthur Fellowship (1994), a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award (2013), a NEA Jazz Master Award (2014), and honorary doctorates from Université de Liège (Belgium) and New England Conservatory (USA), among other prestigious awards and honors. He's released over 100 albums and has personally performed or had performed many of his over 350 compositions. In 1994 the Tri-Centric Foundation was started with a vision committed to preserving and furthering his work and legacy and fostering and supporting the work produced by those inspired by his work.

“In his open practice of multiple forms, Braxton hints already at the post-modern and post-historical, but he does not fit easily into the conventional distinctions between modernist and post-modernist. He is, in a sense, an artist suspended between these ideas, and also between progressive notions of artistic forms and the post-historical ... In his trips into the jazz past, he's also broken down racial as well as stylistic walls, finding there was much to learn from Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Giuffre and Dave Brubeck as well as Parker, Coltrane, Coleman and Dolphy.” -- Stuart Broomer on Trio And Duet

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    Muhal Richard Abrams – Levels And Degrees Of Light

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    Anthony Braxton – Four Compositions (GTM) 2000

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    Anthony Braxton – Trio And Duet


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