Jimmy Johnson, born James Thompson, November 25th 1928, Holly Springs, MS – January. 31st 2022, Harvey, IL

“I had a good life” Jimmy Johnson

“Be kind to everybody” Jimmy Johnson


  1. One of the most unique voices in the Blues, truly a one of a kind artist, great songwriter, great guitarist, a real professional. Also, a GREAT human being. We love you Jimmy. Remember what Jimmy preached, be kind. I challenge all of jimmy’s fans to be kind and do or say something to someone to brighten their day. Peace, Love & Soul Jim Feeney

  2. He was one of a kind.
    Jimmy was one of the few blues musicians who grew up around-about those times in history when the blues was to a certain extent in its infancy. He has many successors who unfortunately, due to their younger age, can’t know the blues as well as he did. But there is NO harm in doing the best you can, and if you do, you can say you know the blues, so that you amongst others can keep the Blues alive.
    God bless Jimmy Johnson!

  3. Wonderful photos of a life well-lived. You have touched so many hearts, minds, and souls Jimmy not only with your music but with your words of kindness and encouragement. You will always be remembered and missed dearly. May you rest in eternal heavenly peace forever. 🎶💙🙏💙🎶

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