Little Arthur Duncan – Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge


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    Little Arthur Duncan – Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge
    Delmark DE 793 (2007)
    Compact Disc — Also available on DVD!

    You can still find the deep-rooted, hard swinging, rough and tumble blues that has inspired and moved generations of fans and musicians ever since the heyday of Chicago blues. Vocalist/songwriter/bandleader/harmonica player Little Arthur Duncan is one of the ‘must see’ artists for fans of the true, deep, lowdown blues. The music on this disc is raw and raucous and not very polished, but then Arthur’s music has never been about slickness — it’s about a good time, a deep blues feel, and above all: a strong groove. So don’t spend a whole lot of time analyzing it – relax and enjoy good solid traditional Chicago blues played by some of the best in Chicago who still play it. With special guest Little Al Thomas. Also available: Singin’ With The Sun (Delmark 733).

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