Reginald R. Robinson – Euphonic Sounds


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    Reginald R. Robinson – Euphonic Sounds
    Delmark DE 718 (1998)
    Compact Disc

    Reginald R. Robinson was only 20 years old when he came out with his first Delmark CD, The Strongman (Delmark 662), in 1993. The response from writers, radio shows, musicians and the general public was immediate and overflowing with praise; in a Down Beat blindfold test, pianist Marcus Roberts said, “I really found it delightful to hear his work. Could you leave me the tape?” and The Mississippi Rag said “Ragtime’s future looks bright as an exciting new composer/pianist adds to the ragtime repertoire”. On Euphonic Sounds, Robinson’s third Delmark album, Reggie has given us another moving testament to his own passions and compelling ragtime creations. He has documented here his major inspirations and has given us more results of these inspirations in the form of his own exquisite compositions.

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