Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Hot ‘N’ Heavy: Live At The Ascension Loft


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    Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Hot ‘N’ Heavy [Live At The Ascension Loft]
    Delmark DE 574 (2007)
    Compact Disc – Also Available on DVD!

    Kahil El’Zabar, drums, earth drums, kalimba; Corey Wilkes, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion; Ernest Dawkins, alto and tenor saxophone, percussion; Fareed Haque, electric and acoustic guitar. In a DownBeat review of their previous Delmark album, Freedom Jazz Dance (Delmark 517), Paul de Barros wrote “The forms being advanced here–or at least merged in a creative, new way–are African-American syncopation (funk, jazz) and the vertically integrated multiple parts of African drum ensemble music. With folkish simplicity and beguilingly subdued dynamics, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble–drums, guitar and two horns–achieves an effect something like an ad hoc percussion band walking the second line, with a little James Brown thrown in.”

    Also available: The Continuum (Delmark 496).

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