Jim Beebe’s Chicago Jazz – A Sultry Serenade (w/ John Otto)


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    Jim Beebe’s Chicago Jazz – A Sultry Serenade ( w/ John Otto)
    Delmark DE 230
    Compact Disc (1996)

    As a teenager in 1948, Jim Beebe had the good fortune to hear the Jazz Ltd. Band in Chicago and this aroused a lifelong enthusiasm for Chicago/Dixieland/New Orleans jazz…now known more broadly as classic or traditional jazz. Jim considers his band’s music as classic entertaining jazz in the tradition of Louis Armstrong and Bob Scobey. For A Sultry Serenade, Jim selected an amazing mix of tunes from the 30s and 40s, thought carefully about what he was going to do, then declared, to paraphrase Louis Armstrong, the session was, “Nothin’ fancy, just some of the old good ones.

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