Ethnic Heritage Ensemble / Hot ‘N’ Heavy -DVD *Delmark 1574


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Kahil El’Zabar, drums, earth drums, kalimba; Corey Wilkes, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion; Ernest Dawkins, alto and tenor saxophone, percussion; Fareed Haque, electric and acoustic guitar. In a Down Beat review of their previous Delmark album, Freedom Jazz Dance(517) Paul de Barros wrote “The forms being advanced here-or at least merged in a creative, new way-are African-American syncopation (funk, jazz) and the vertically integrated multiple parts of African drum ensemble music. With folkish simplicity and beguilingly subdued dynamics, Ethnic heritage Ensemble-drums, guitar and two horns-achieves an effect something like an ad hoc percussion band walking the second line, with a little James Brown thrown in.” DVD also contains interview special feature.
Also available: The Continuum (Delmark 496).

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