Steve Wagner leaving Delmark after 33 fruitful years

Congratulations to Label & Studio Manager Steve Wagner for his 33 years of service. From 1987 to 2018, Steve was involved in the production of over 500 albums. Since May 1st  2018, the date in which Julia A. Miller succeeded Robert G. Koester at the helm of Delmark, Steve has participated in the production of 18 blues, jazz and classical music albums. Steve also has been instrumental in launching the new era for Delmark, in which the label has multiplied the number of its releases and expanded into the audiophile market with the release of reel to reel master copies of some of the most coveted Delmark albums. Additionally, given the relevance the label grants to the history and traditions of Chicago’s blues & jazz scenes, Steve’s knowledge in that regard has been greatly appreciated.

In Steve’s own words: “E’ryday bring bout a change. Congratulations to me on a 32 1/2 year run at Delmark Records! Thank you to everybody who I’ve collaborated with especially the great artists. Best of luck to Delmark Records going forward. Take care.”

In her farewell remarks to Steve Wagner, Delmark’s President & CEO Julia A. Miller says: “Steve Wagner’s business acumen and ‘Blues Radar’ are well known.  I have a lot of respect and admiration for Steve’s work with Delmark as a label manager, and as an engineer, and I am sincerely grateful for the time and attention he has given to me personally, and to the new Delmark.  Best wishes, Steve – Peace & Blues!”

“Working with Steve in the studio, in recording sessions, mixing as well as having conversations about Delmark’s history, blues & jazz facts and mythology has been very productive and a lot of fun. I will miss him”, says Delmark’s Artistic Director Elbio Barilari.

Currently Delmark Records is successfully building a worldwide digital distribution network for the more than 10,000 songs in the label’s unique catalogue. Very soon, Delmark will announce some very good news regarding engineers and producers for the label’s jazz, blues and classical catalogue as well as expansion in the digital and promotional areas and a number of exciting upcoming releases.

9 thoughts on “Steve Wagner leaving Delmark after 33 fruitful years

  1. Steve, thank you so much for your excellent works at Delmark. You always made me happy with your great works for producing blues album. You are able to be successful in the new world. I appreciate your challenging spirit. Take care!

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for everything. Delmark Records is one of the most renowned blues labels around and most of the credits therefore go to the superb sound of them. You were instrumental in creating this clear, down to earth and realistic sound. You honored the artistic capabilities in every mix you made. You preferred to capture the real sound of the artists, instead of create a commercial radiophonic un-natural sound like some of your peers do. Your work is an important addition to the meaning of true Chicago blues. Fair winds Steve! Thanks for everything!

  3. Wow! Congratulations, Steve! What a resume you’ve built! What a legacy you leave behind! What history you have in your ears & your bones. Thanks for your dedication,, expertise & enthusiasm for the music. Wishing you a wonderful future!

  4. Thank you, Steve for all of your help in shaping my recording career with Delmark Records. I wish you nothing but the best of what life has to offer in your future endeavors.
    -E.G. McDaniel

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the talents of Steve Wagner. Certainly brightened my day. Good luck
    and good health in the days ahead.

  6. Steve…
    I’m so honored to have worked with you over the years and in the studio. Our last collaboration of No Border Blues is an example of your expertise in the final mixing. I’ll miss you ! Stay safe.

    Best Stephanie

  7. Dear Steve,
    Your contribution to “It’s Too Hot Words” was wonderful; the tracking and mastering made the music sound amazing. The Metropolitan Jazz Octet thanks you and wishes you happiness and joy on your journey. I hope to see you around. Thank you and all the best.
    Jim Gailloreto

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