The Kenny Davern Trio
No One Else But Kenny
Sackville SK 3069

Kenny Davern's long career stretches back to the 1950s. He has recorded more than fifty albums - so what else does he have to offer the listener?

The answer is simple. He plays "the way he pleases". The musical results are always intensely personal and musically fascinating. He believes in finding fresh ways to interpret songs he may well have played a hundred times. But each performance is a one of a kind interpretation.

While Kenny is comfortable in a trio setting (no bass to direct the motion) it is not something he does frequently. Especially when he is less than familiar with his musical cohorts!

This recording features Kenny Davern with pianist David Boeddinghaus and drummer Trevor Richards performing a cross section of tunes drawn from the classic jazz repertoire. They tackle Sugar, Moonglow, No One Else But You, You're Lucky To Me, Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho, Tishomingo Blues, All By Myself, Pretty Baby (clarinet/piano duet), There Is No Greater Love and My Honey's Loving Arms. Beale Street Blues is a solo showcase for David Boeddinghaus.

I have to confess that this whole project was my brainchild after I heard Kenny sitting in with Boeddinghaus and Richards at Ascona in 2003. Through the cooperation of Toronto's Classic Jazz Society we finally were able to reunite this trio for its only official performance (the night before this recording).

In the old days this group would have been on the road for several weeks before making a recording of tunes which best suited their creative ways. Instead, most of this material was worked out spontaneously in the studio before a small audience. Choice of keys, some discussion about the routines and the music was captured for posterity.

A special word needs to be said about David Boeddinghaus. This recording is a rare opportunity to hear him working at length in a small group setting. New Orleans residents have long been aware of his talents but, for the most part, these have been under wraps in his regular gig with Banu Gibson. His playing on this recording is quite stunning.

Trevor Richards' classic New Orleans drum style (courtesy of Baby Dodds, Minor Hall, Zutty Singleton) gives the music that “old time” feel which illuminated so many recordings in the past. It is the final part of the puzzle which joined these three musicians together so successfully.

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