Bob Barnard - John Sheridan - Don Vickery
New Orleans: That's Our Home
Sackville SK 3068

New Orleans was the fountainhead for much of the world's popular culture in the Twentieth Century. Both jazz and rhythm and blues took root there before spreading out into the rest of the world.

The city, and its music was in everyone's thoughts following the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina and it was quickly decided that this recording should salute the city and its musical heritage. The program came together over four nights of performances at Toronto's Montreal Bistro in the company of Don Vickery's tasty drumming.

This miniature band's internal cohesion gives all the tunes a structural unity which lifts it beyond the ordinary.

John Sheridan's elegant piano stylings laid down a harmonic carpet for the burnished brilliance of Bob Barnard's cornet - deeply etched within the "hot" traditions of New Orleans. South Rampart Street Parade (including a brief nod in the direction of the city's funky piano style), King of the Zulus and Milenberg Joys are a tip of the hat towards the marching band tradition. While We Danced The Mardi Gras, Lou-easy-an-ia and New Orleans Stomp (a piano feature) capture the joyful exuberance of the city's good times.

That's My Home, Mobile Bay, New Orleans, Winin' Boy Blues (another piano feature), Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans and Darkness on the Delta are expressive reminders of what New Orleans has come to mean to the jazz community over the years.

With the Land of Dreams having unfolded into a nightmare, this recording becomes an elegy for Katrina and its disastrous aftermath. The program has captured through the song titles and the warmth of the performances, the emotional pull of New Orleans in a time when there truly is Darkness on the Delta.

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