Delmark Rhythm and News Jazz Record Mart

Obituaries & Remembrances

by Bob Koester or as noted

Robert Plunkett

Dummer & Vocalist


Big Joe Williams

Blues legend.


Ray Flerlage

A great music photographer and appreciator.


Jimmie Lee Robinson

The Lonely Traveller, champion of Maxwell Street. By Scott Dirks.


Norman Granz

Visionary founder of Verve, Pablo, and Jazz At The Philharmonic.


Etta Jones

The career of a woman who brought blues & jazz together.


Ralph Sutton

Traditional Jazz great


Jerry Jerome

Apollo record maker


Wilbur Campbell

Notes on his passing.


Helen Oakley Dance

Jazz Journalist & Organizer


Ray Daniel



I Meet Baby Dodds

A look back at the great drummer.


Remembering Mighty Joe Young

His first album and his career, by Ken Saydak.


George Finola



Milt Gabler

Founder of Commodore Records


Lin Halliday

His career and the recent commemoration of his life.


Dave Myers

Cofounder of the Aces and fixture of Chicago Blues.


Bill Reinhardt & Jazz, Ltd.

Chicago jazz club founder & bandleader.


John Steiner

The owner of Paramount Records and co-found of the Jazz Institute of Chicago


Can I Do It Like I Want To?

Bob Koester reminisces about the late Junior Wells