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Features: (from newest to oldest)

Chicago's Franz Jackson

His legacy keeps huffin' & puffin' along.


Improvised Music in Chicago

Clubs presenting the latest underground free jazz.


John Corbett interview

Producer of the improvisational and experimental.


Muddy Waters' Harmonica Players

A survey by Scott Dirks


Sleepy John Estes

The legend continues.


Candy Johnson

Tenor Sax & Bandleader. Still on LP!


Interview with Kahil El Zabar

Multi bandmember and instrumentalist.


Michael Frank's Earwig Records

The story of one of Chicago's most authentic blues labels.


The Blues Essence of King Oliver


Confessions of a Mail Order Manager

Steve Dawson reveals the links between the Jazz Record Mart and Dolly Varden.


Regarding Ken Burns Jazz:

Defending Ken Burns - from the abuse of music critics.

Frank Youngwerth's Early Jazz - a supplementary look at how it all began.

Jazz on Video - Liked the clips? Most of the films, shows & concerts are available in their entirety.

A great place to read some debate about the series is the Jazz Institute of Chicago website.

There's also an interesting interview with Burns done by the mostly-humor magazine The Onion.



Bruno Johnson & OkkaDisk

An interview with the owner and operator of Chicago's leading source of improvised music.


Henderson Smith

A JRM employee remembers his great grandfather, and important Chicago bandleader.


Blues Amalgamated Reunion

60s Blues enthusiasts back together.


Anthony Braxton for For Alto

The artist's original liner notes for his first album.


Chuck Nessa and the AACM

Delmark producer and Nessa Records founder talks about the first recordings of Chicago's great avant-garde organization.


Malachi Thompson

A mature voice in Jazz.


Where The Blues Were At

A look back at Chicago's Blues Clubs.


Lester Bowie Celebration

News from the recent concert.


Sun Ra's Earliest Albums

Two views of the man from Saturn.


Early Arhoolie

The early recordings of the foremost folk & blues label.


Birth Of The New Thing

Avant Garde jazz recordings of the '60s and '70s.


Obituaries & Remembrances

Bob Koester recalls recently passed music-makers. Updated 6/1/04.


Video Reviews

Taking a look at jazz & blues on video. Updated 6/1/04.


Blues Book Reviews

What we're writing about what they're writing about the music. Updated 6/1/04.


Best Of:

New Chicago Blues

Blues Reissues

Jazz Guitar

Drummers Which albums feature the best drumming?

Country Blues Guitar

All-Time Best Jazz Vocals: How words were best put to jazz.

10 Quintessential Jazz Bassists: Masters of the low notes.

Top 10 Blues Albums Since 1967

Dave's Faves Some of the best of what's new in jazz. Updated 9/29/98.

Blues Clubs R&N's guide to shows you where you can hear blues in Chicago. Updated 6/18/2001.

New Experimental Music New releases of an experimental nature. Updated 9/29/98

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