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This is a little article on my favorite drum records. That is, they're my favorite right now. As a JRM employee I have to listen to jazz all day. Don't get me wrong, I love jazz. In fact I'm a jazz drummer in Chicago, which is why I work at the Jazz Record Mart. Anyway, there are some recordings that continue to entrance me. The energy and beauty of the music, the mystery of it all. So these are some albums that I'm digging right now and some that are old favorites. In my opinion great drumming goes with great music. So, here they are.

- Dave Williams

Art Blakey "Free for All"
Blue Note 84170 $11.99
Art is totally on fire.

Willis Jackson "Bar Wars"
32 Jazz 32018 $8.99
Idris Muhammed always groovin!

Ryan Kisor "The Usual Suspects"
Fable 54267 $16.99
Willie Jones, a younger guy who sounds great.

Pat Metheny "Question + Answer"
Geffen 24293 $17.99
Roy Haynes, inspired, playing serious
melodies on the drums.

Scott Colley "This Place"
Steeplechase 31443 $16.99
Bill Stewart, I love this guy.

Four and More "My Funny Valentine" Columbia 48821 $19.99
Tony Williams was only 17 or 18 but he changed drumming forever.

Brad Mehldau "Art of the Trio Vol 2"
Warner 46848 $16.99
Jorge Rossi sounds beautiful, sensitive, colorful. Great brushes too.

Lee Morgan "The Gigolo"
Blue Note 84212 $11.99
Billy Higgins; always doing the right things.

Red Garland "Red in Bluesville"
OJC 295 $11.99
Art Taylor, all brushes, all swinging!

Pat Metheny "Trio 99-00"
Warner 47632 $17.99
Bill Stewart again. I'm addicted to this record.


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