VOLCANO RADAR featuring Paquito D’Rivera / Paquito Libre -DOWNLOAD *Delmark DE 5028


VR01 Paquito Libre
VR02 East Pole, West Pole
VR03 Afterimages
VR04 Quark & Jaguar
VR05 Writing in the Sand
VR06 Mental Tango
VR07 Just Before Midnight
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“Paquito D’Rivera is both as free and as embedded as can be with Volcano Radar, the explosive, expansive, radiant electro-acoustic ensemble, co-led by multi-instrumentalist Elbio Barilari and guitarist/synthesist Julia A. Miller. Keyboardist Darwin Noguera, bassist Rollo Radford and drummer Ernie Adams collaborate in the creation of vivid and mysteriously improvised soundscapes,” says jazz critic Howard Mandel. Volcano Radar’s soundscapes have been described as: noise-funk, post-jazz, avant-rock, experimental improvisation, jazz-electronica and neo-psychedelia. On their Delmark debut Volcano Radar and Paquito D’Rivera, as you never heard him before, surf together through uncharted waters. Notes by Howard Mandel enclosed.

  1. Paquito Libre 7:14
  2. East Pole, West Pole 6:59
  3. Afterimages 7:24
  4. The Quark and the Jaguar 6:20
  5. Writing in the Sand 4:54
  6. Mental Tango 5:17
  7. Just Before Midnight 6:08


Paquito D’Rivera, clarinet, alto sax

Elbio Barilari, electric viola, electric guitar, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, bass

clarinet, bandoneon, Fender Rhodes, electric bass, birimbao, electronics

Julia A. Miller, guitar synth, electric guitar, electric bass

Darwin Noguera, piano, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards

Rollo Radford, electric bass

Ernie Adams, drums, percussion