MILLER, AL / In Between Time -CD *Delmark 826


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Harmonica player Al Miller brings in three guitar aces to help him create this unique blues album: John Primer, Dave Specter & Billy Flynn. But Al doesn’t just play harp. Whether he iswailing away on harmonica, singing, writing songs, or providing guitar accompaniment, Al imbues every aspect of his involvement in the music with feeling, which, as every blues fan knows, is what the blues is all about. Al sings most of the songs however John Primer sings lead on three. Also in the band are Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Kenny Smith, Barrelhouse Chuck, Ken Saydak and others. 17 songs in all including the previously unissued “Blizzard”. Also available Al Miller’s Wild Cards(Delmark 675) with Willie Kent, Dave Specter, Steve Freund, Tad Robinson.

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