HAMLET: The Series

a tv version of the Shakespeare play,
viewable on YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and DVD,
adapted by Bob J. Koester

Season One Trailer

Episode One: "He That Knows"

Epidsode Two: "Indirections Find Directions Out"

Episode Three: "Poison In Jest"

Season Two:

Episode Four: "Cruel Only To Be Kind"

Episode Five: "Tricks i' the World"

Episode Six: "Let Your Wiseness Fear"

If you're looking for our latest production, the science fiction love story Companions, click here!

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Here is the original statement of purpose for the project (and some new notes thereon).


Hamlet: The Series is now on DVD & Blu-Ray!

Each set includes all 6 episodes on 2 DVDs and also on 1 Blu-Ray.
DVDs also include commentaries on each episode by Director & lead actors, a deleted scene, & outtakes.
Shipping is included.
Poster and/or post card included by request.

If you don't wish to buy a DVD/Blu-Ray set, but would like a poster and/or post card anyway,
donate ANY AMOUNT and mention what you'd like in the Special Instructions.
(Suggested: $1 for post card, $3 for poster)


Here is our cast list, of which we are very proud.

Questions? email: hamletseries@gmail.com

Reaction Report

An interesting article on gender-boundary-breaking Shakespeare productions at The Shakespeare Blog has some good things to say about us.

We got a very nice write-up at the Shakespeare Standard website's weekly Multimedia write-up. This is a nice place to check for what's happening in Shakespeare around the world.

We've been mentioned on the "Hamlet: Act 3" episode of the Bardcast podcast, and in the show notes. It's an interesting & entertaining source of Shakespeare talk, so if that sounds like something you'd enjoy you can subscribe to the whole podcast or that specific episode via iTunes or get the file at Feedburner.

This project would not have been made without the support of our Kickstarter backers:

Alex McConachie, Allison Mortland, Alyce Barry, Amanda Ruzin, Amy Acosta, Andrew Ho, Andy Mortland, Anthony + Heidrun Downing, Arfer, Ari Roth, BRian Marino, Bryant Durrell, Cat Gleason, Chris Koeberle, Christopher Coward, Clifford Barry, Courtland Funke, Daniel Mortland, David Seide, Denise Murray, Don Alsafi, James Ryan, Jeffrey Niebres, Jenni Loopy Smith, Jesse2020, John Melesky, Jo Mortland, John Haugeland, Kate Charles, Katie, Komainu, Laura Boylan, Laura Law, Liam DiNapoli, Lisa Cohen, Lunaro, Marc Majcher, Martin Shaver, MattK: Pathfinder inXile for Eternity, Megan Barry, Michael Hannemann, Paul Reda, Phil Binkowski, Raoul Caes, Rebecca M Davis, regis, Rowan Fae, Sarah Recker, Stacey Tappan, Tasha Robinson, Terri Ellen Pease, Thursdae, Timothy Barry, Trapper Markelz, Zach Raizen & six anonymous donors.

This project was made possible in part by the people at Evanston Community Television (ECTV), who are also broadcasting it on cable channel 6 in Evanston, Illinois. Click to see if it's showing today!

Also showing on Chicago's CAN-TV cable station!

If you would like to use Hamlet: The Series for an educational purpose, we would love to hear about it!