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Breezy Rodio
Night After Night

Delmark DE 853

Sometimes The Blues Got Me is Breezy Rodio's debut album for Delmark Records. A review of Breezy's self-produced 2015 release So Close To It said "Breezy Rodio absolutely smokes through this highly enjoyable mix of originals and covers. He has it all; the voice, the guitar chops, the great players, and you can tell he FEELS the blues, and that is the most important facet" - Music Morsels While Living Blues described Breezy as having " an artist who deserves to be on the radar of all blues fans." Breezy Rodio was in Linsey Alexander's band for 8 years and appears on all 3 of Linsey's Delmark releases. He has toured the world starting as sideman to notable Chicago artists but now is doing it as the leader. Sometimes The Blues Got Me just may get you too! Notes by Justin O'Brien enclosed.

In March...

Rockwell Avenue Blues Band
Back To Chicago
Delmark DE 854


The members of the Rockwell Avenue Blues Band have each achieved successes achieved over long parallel careers, but there was some unfinished business to attend to. Longtime bonds, which sometimes elude conscious recognition, drew them to Delmark's Riverside Studio on Chicago's North Rockwell Avenue in October of 2017. It was a joyous musical and artistic reunion. They had all recorded for Delmark over the past decades. Now it was time to join together again, as equals who had shared a lifestyle and craft, each in his own way, each with his own voice. So they took a week away from their routines to share a brief moment, frozen in time on Back To Chicago.

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