The United Series

United Records was the first successful black-owned record company. Operated by Leonard Allen: tailor, retired policeman and one of exceptionally wide taste in music, the two labels (United and States) issued some of the best performances in jazz, blues, gospel and R&B from '51-57. Delmark is proud to release this important body of masters, including many previously unissued, recorded in studios which pioneered high fidelity recording.

For more about United, check out the whimsical "United Address", a mission statement released after United had been in existence for one year. (Note: Includes a 112K image, so may take a few minutes to load.)

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The United Records Story
Delmark DD 775 $11.99


The Five C's & Other Great Groups On United Tell Me
Delmark DE 776 $15.99

This third installment of United Doo Wops features lots of uinissued songs and rare audition tapes with The Five C's, The Palms, The Earls, The Drakes, The Danderliers and more. The Five C's, of Gary, IN, had two 78s issued in 1954: "Tell Me" / "Whoo Wee Baby"(United 172) and "Goody Goody" / "My Heart's Got The Blues" (United 180). Most of the material on this CD is seeing its first official domestic release, all from the original master tapes.

Also available: The Danderliers & Other Great Groups On States, Chop Chop Boom (Delmark 703) & The Moroccos & Other Great Groups On United, Bang Goes My Heart (Delmark 761).

J.T. Brown Windy City Boogie Delmark DE-714 $15.99



The Four Blazes Mary Jo   Delmark DE-704 $15.99



Big Walter Horton / Alfred "Blues King" Harris Harmonica Blues Kings
Delmark DD-712 $11.99


Roosevelt Sykes Raining in My Heart Delmark DE-642 $15.99

Memphis Slim and His House Rockers featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy
Memphis Slim U.S.A. Delmark DE-710 $15.99



Memphis Slim & His House Rockers
The Come Back
Delmark DE-762 $15.99


Morris Pejoe / Arthur "Big Boy" Spires Wrapped In My Baby
Delmark DD-716 $11.99


Robert Nighthawk Bricks In My Pillow
Delmark DD-711 $11.99



Junior Wells Blues Hit Big Town
With Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Otis Spann
Delmark DD-640 $11.99


Jump 'n' Shout: New Orleans Blues & Rhythm
Delmark DE-715 $11.99


Long Man Blues
Delmark DE-717 $15.99



Great Gospel Quartets
On The Battlefield
Delmark DE-760 $15.99


Robert Anderson - Rev. Robert Ballinger - The Lucy Smith Singers - Singing Sammy Lewis
Working The Road - The Golden Age of Chicago Gospel
Delmark DE-702 $15.99



The Dandeliers & other Great Groups on States Chop Chop Boom  
Delmark DE-703 $15.99



Jimmy Forrest Night Train
DD-435 $11.99

Tab Smith Crazy Walk
Delmark DD 447 $11.99

Tab Smith Crazy Walk
Delmark DD 455 $11.99


Tab Smith Crazy Walk
Delmark DE 555 $15.99


Women Vocalists on United Yes Indeed!
Delmark DE 554 $15.99
Featuring Della Reese

The Moroccos And Other Great Groups On United
Bang Goes My Heart
Delmark DE-761 $15.99



Tab Smith Top 'n' Bottom   Delmark DE-499 $15.99



Various Artists Honkers & Bar Walkers - Volume 1
DD-438 $11.99



Honkers & Bar Walkers: Volume Three
Delmark DE-542 $15.99


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