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Sleepy John Estes On The Chicago Scene

Delmark DE 619 $15.99

This 1968 recording was originally issued as Electric Sleep, the title a riff on the Muddy Waters LP title Electric Mud. But the similarities ended there; whereas Mud was psychedelic and musically quite a departure from a traditional blues sound Electric Sleep simply combines a country blues artist with an electric blues band. This 2007 reissue is re-mixed & mastered from the original analog tapes and has a brand new cover. The legendary blues poet is accompanied by Jimmy Dawkins, guitar; Sunnyland Slim, piano; Carey Bell, harmonica&bass; Earl Hooker, Joe Harper, bass; Odie Payne, Jr., drums. Also fromSleepy John Estes: Legend Of... (Delmark 603), Broke & Hungry (Delmark 608), In Europe (Delmark 611), Brownsville Blues (Delmark 613), Newport Blues (Delmark 639).

Edward Petersen Upward Spiral

Delmark DE 445 $15.99

1989 live and studio recordings from tenor saxophonist Ed Petersen. Upward Spiral was recorded before Ed relocated from Chicago to teach jazz saxophone at University of New Orleans in 1994. This was Ed's first of three Delmark CDs. At the time the quintet had been playing the Green Mill weekly for three years. Their cohesiveness and level of excitement is obvious. Upward Spiral features eight original Petersen compositions opening with the burning, hard bop "Probably". With Fareed Haque, guitar; Brad Williams, piano; Rob Amster, bass; Jeff Stitely, drums. Also available: The Haint (Delmark 474); Von Freeman and Ed Petersen, Von & Ed (Delmark 508).

Art Hodes Friar's Inn Revisited

Delmark DE 215 $15.99

Pianist Art Hodes' career lasted eight decades starting in the late 1920s and continuing into the '90s! Friar's Inn, near Van Buren and Wabash, was where the legendary New Orleans Rhythm Kings played Chicago in the early '20s. Their series of classic recordings for Gennett,Victor & Okeh ushered in the early Chicago decade of jazz recordings. Hodes had long wanted to do a recording in honor of that early group and brought George Brunis and Volly DeFaut, both members of NORK in the '20s, to the studio for this 1972 session. Also features Barney Bigard and Barrett Deems. Now on CD for the first time. Also available: Hodes' Art (Delmark 213) with Brunis and DeFaut; Barney Bigard & Art Hodes, Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Delmark 211).

Jim Robinson Economy Hall Breakdown

Delmark DE 235 $15.99

Trombonist Jim Robinson played professionally from World War I on. In the 1920s he made his first recordings as a member of the Sam Morgan Jazz Band. He gained greater fame with the resurgence of interest in early New Orleans jazz as a regular member of the bands of Bunk Johnson and George Lewis. He sometimes led his own band and appeared regularly at Preservation Hall in his later years. Robinson was known for his deep, wide-toned, robust tailgate style of trombone playing. This 1965 session, recorded at Preservation Hall, features Johnny Wiggs, cornet; Raymond Burke, clarinet; Bob Greene, piano; Allan Jaffe, tuba; Yoichi Kimura, drums. Economy Hall Breakdown is now on CD for the 1st time and it features twelve songs including two previously unissued songs and alternate takes. Also available: George Lewis Hello Central...Give Me Doctor Jazz (Delmark 201), Ice Cream (Delmark 202), Reunion (Delmark 220); all featuring Jim Robinson.

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