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Every Monday and Wednesday Corey Dennison Band

Every Tuesday and Wednesday Mike Wheeler Band

Every Sunday Linsey Alexander Band



Every Thursday Shirley Johnson



Every Tuesday Guy King


April 28

HOUSE OF BLUES Studebaker John


April 29, 30



April 29

B.L.U.E.S. ON HALSTED Jimmy Johnson


April 29

HARLEM AVENUE LOUNGE Studebaker John & The Hawks


April 30

HARLEM AVENUE LOUNGE Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire


May 1

HOUSE OF BLUES 6:30 - 7:45pm Guy King (acoustic)


May 1

BLUE CHICAGO Mike Wheeler Band with Shirley Johnson


May 6

BUDDY GUY'S LEGENDS 5:30 and 7pm Guy King (solo)


May 12



May 14

ROSA'S LOUNGE 10pm Jimmy Burns Band


May 20

ROSA'S LOUNGE 9:30 Mike Wheeler Band


May 20

SPACE Guy King


May 21 & 22

BLUE CHICAGO Shirley Johnson with Maurice John Vaughn Blues Band


May 21

ROSA'S LOUNGE 10pm Lurrie Bell


May 27 & 28

BLUE CHICAGO Demetria Taylor & The John Primer Blues Band


May 29

BLUE CHICAGO Mike Wheeler Band with Shirley Johnson


May 31



June 4

BUDDY GUY'S LEGENDS Guy King 2016 Chicago Blues Festival / Delmark events


June 9

8pm Delmark night at SPACE, Evanston with special guests Jimmy Johnson, Omar Coleman, Corey Dennison and Demetria Taylor. The house band will feature Dave Specter, guitar; Brother John Kattke, keys; Gerry Hundt, bass; Kenny “Beady Eyes” Smith, drums.


June 10

CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL 3pm Omar Coleman Band, Front Porch Stage 4pm Eddie Shaw & The Wolfgang, Rhythm & Blues Stage


June 12

CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL 1:30pm Jimmy Burns Band, Front Porch Stage 4:30pm Lurrie Bell 8pm Tribute to Otis Rush featuring Jimmy Johnson, Mike Wheeler, Lurrie Bell, Eddie Shaw and many others.


June 16

KINGSTON MINES Mississippi Heat


June 24

ROSA'S LOUNGE 9:30pm Corey Dennison Band


JAZZ Artists:


Muhal Richard Abrams - piano, (synthesizer, reeds. voc) Wikipedia page - Facebook

Jason Adasiewicz- vibraphone, drums - (also on Jason Ajemian's Art of Dying, Rob Mazurek's Sound Is, and Josh Berman's Old Idea) - Jason's website - Facebook

Jason Ajemian - bass- Jason's Website - HighLife FBOOK

Eric Alexander - sax - Eric's website - Facebook

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell, Famoudou Don Moye -Facebook

Josh Berman - trumpet, cornet -(also on Chicago Luzern Exchange and Keefe Jackson's CDs)- Web - Fbook

Anthony Braxton -sax, reeds - Facebook

Zach Brock (and Tom Wright's Common Ground) - violin and guitar - Zack's Website

Bobby Broom -guitar - for more info visit the Bobby Broom Website - Facebook

Ari Brown - sax, reeds, piano - Ari on SoundSlope - AAJ - Facebook

John Burnett Swing Orchestra (w. Frieda Lee)- John's website . Frieda Lee website

Roy Campbell - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute - Facebook - Fbook2

Frank Catalano - sax - Frank's Website - Facebook

Chicago Underground Trio (Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor, Jason Ajemian) -Chicago Underground Duo Facebook

Jim Cooper -vibraphone (for more info visit the Jim Cooper Website.)

Norrie Cox - band leader - Norrie Cox website

Rich Corpolongo - sax, reeds - Rich's Website - Facebook

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble - sax, reeds, voc - FACEBOOK - FbookWiki

Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio - drums, percussion, voc - Kahil's Website - Facebook

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - (Kahil El' Zabar, Ernest Dawkins, (Fareed Haque), Corey Wilkes) - Facebook

Exploding Star Orchestra - Mazurek site- Facebook (Rob Mazurek - Director, Composer, Cornet, electro-acoustic constructions; Nicole Mitchell - Flutes and voice; Matt Bauder - Clarinet, Tenor saxophone; Jason Stein - bass clarinet; Jeb Bishop - Trombone; Jason Adesewicz - Vibraphone; Greg Ward - alto sax; Matthew Lux - Bass guitar; Josh Abrams - bass; Mike Reed - drums; John Herndon - drums; Carrie Biolo - gongs, temple blocks, vibes, percussion; Jeff Kowalkowski - piano)

Scott Fields -guitar -(for more info visit the Scott Fields Website) - Facebook

Curtis Fuller - trombone - Curtis' Hard Bop page - Wikipedia - AAJ - Facebook

Brad Goode - trumpet - Brad's Website - Facebook

Red Holloway - sax - (also on Big Walter Horton/Alfred Harris' Harmonica Blues Kings - DD 712 and The Five C's Tell Me - DE 776) - Facebook

Jim Holman-piano website-

Keefe Jackson - sax, clarinet - Keefe's Website

Joseph Jarman - sax, reeds, percussion - Jarman's Wikipedia - AAJ - Facebook

Andrew Lamb - sax, reeds, (harp, percussion) - Sound Vision Orchestra - Facebook

Rob Mazurek - cornet, trumpet, keys, electronics- Rob's website - Facebook

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (Ahra Difda)- sax, reeds - Kalaparusha AAJ article -Wikipedia - AMG - Facebook

Mikrokolektyw (MicroCollective -Polish Jazz Duo of Kuba Suchar on drums, electronics and Artur Majewski on trumpet, electronics) - YouTube - Facebook

Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble - flute, piccolo - Nicole's website - Facebook - Wikipedia

Roscoe Mitchell - sax, reeds, percussion - Wikipedia - AAJ - Facebook

Jeff Parker - guitar - Jeff's Website (finally!) - Wikipedia - Facebook/Wiki

Ed "Sweetbread" Petersen - sax - Ed's web page

Reginald Robinson -piano - Facebook/WIki

Roy Rubinstein's Chicago Hot Six - trombone - see Norrie Cox's Website

Sabertooth Jazz -tandem sax, flute - (Pat Mallinger, Cameron Pfiffner) B3 organ (Pete Benson), drums (Ted Sirota) - Pat Mallinger FBook

The Salty Dogs - Salty Dogs webpage - 60th year performing since 1947!!

Savoir Faire (Sam Williams) - violin - Facebook

Aram Shelton's Fast Citizens - alto saxophone, bass clarinet - Aram's Website - Facebook

Archie Shepp - sax (piano, voc) - Archie's website - French Website - Facebook - FBook#2

Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls - drums (for more info visit the Ted Sirota website)

John Skillman's Barb City Stompers - clarinet -with Roy Rubinstein - Coast to Coast Jazz Band website

Ira Sullivan - trumpet, reeds - Twitter

Ken Vandermark - sax, reeds - Ken's Website - Facebook Fbook#2 - Twitter

Mike Walbridge's Chicago Footwarmers featuring Kim Cusack and Don Stiernberg - tuba, cornet - West End Jazz - AAJ review - Don's web

Terry Waldo's Gutbucket Syncopators - piano - Terry's Website - Facebook/Wiki

Corey Wilkes - trumpet - Corey's Website - Facebook- FBOOK#2

BLUES Artists


Lurrie Bell -voc, guitar - Lurrie's Website and Lurrie page - AMG bio - Facebook

Lonnie Brooks - voc, guitar - Lonnie's website

Willie Buck -vocals - Website - Facebook - Facebook

Rockin' Johnny Burgin - voc, guitar - / Martin Lang (harp) - often plays with Tail Dragger - WEBSITE - AMG - Centerstage - FaceBook

Jimmy Burns -voc, guitar, harp - Facebook - AMG bio

Eddy Clearwater - voc, guitar - "The Chief" website - You Tube - Facebook

Little Sammy Davis - voc, harp - YouTube - AMG bio - Facebook

Steve Freund -voc, guitar- - YouTube - AMG bio - Facebook

Jimmy Johnson - voc, guitar -AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook

Shirley Johnson- vocals - AMG Bio - YouTube - Facebook

Syl Johnson - voc, guitar, harp - Syl Discography- Syl AMG Bio - YouTube - FBook - Facebk

Grana' Louise & TroubleMaker - vocals -Website - Facebook - YouTube

Quintus McCormick - voc, guitar - Facebook

Mississippi Heat - Pierre LaCocque (harp) Inetta Visor (vocals) Lurrie Bell, Carl Weathersby, Giles Corey, John Primer (guitars) - Mississippi Heat Website -AMG -Facebook

Frank Morey -voc, guitar (AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook)

Tad Robinson - voc, harp (for more info visit the Tad Robinson Website) - AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook

Otis Rush - voc, guitar - Otis' Website - AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook

Ken Saydak -voc, keys- (for more info visit the Ken Saydak Website) - AMG bio - YouTube

Eddie Shaw & the Wolf Gang - voc, sax - Eddie & the Wolf Gang - AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook

Byther Smith - voc, guitar- Byther Website - AMG bio - YouTube - Facebook

Dave Specter & the Bluebirds -guitar - for more info visit the Dave Specter Website - AMG bio -YouTube - YOu Tube CHannel - Blues & Beyond FBOok

Studebaker John & the Hawks/ Maxwell Street Kings (with Rick Kreher on guitar, Steve Cushing on drums)- John Grimaldi-voc, guitar, harp - Website - Facebook

Tail Dragger - vocals - Tail Dragger YouTube clip - AMG bio - Facebook

Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames with Abb Locke -- Website - Weld Facebook

Charles Wilson - vocals - AMG bio - Facebook