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Fred Anderson

Timeless, Live at the Velvet Lounge

Featuring Hamid Drake on drums/percussion and Harrison Bankhead on bass.

Chicago tenor sax legend Fred Anderson has been getting a lot of press recently because of the forthcoming closing of the current location of the internationally renowned Velvet Lounge. This third live Anderson recording follows the very successful On The Run (Delmark 534) and Back At The Velvet Lounge (Delmark 549). This time however the event was videotaped and so we have this excellent album that is also available on DVD in high resolution stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

DVD 1568 - 0-38153-1568-55


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ANDERSON, FRED / Timeless: Live at the Velvet Lounge -DV *Delmark 1568
Jazz DV Delmark 1568 *A




Ari Brown
Live At The Green Mill

Delmark DVD 1577

In reviews of Ari's first two Delmark albums, Ultimate Frontier (Delmark 486) and Venus (504), writers often used phrases like "overwhelming emotional immediacy" (Down Beat), "rare depth of feeling" (Jazziz) and "raw emotion and ferocity" (JazzTimes). Ari carries on the Chicago tenor sax and the AACM traditions. He melds them into his own voice and no matter how far out he takes the music it still remains accessible and enjoyable. Live at The Green Mill features the same rhythm section Ari's been working with for over ten years: brother Kirk Brown, piano; Yosef Ben Israel, bass; Avreeayl Ra, drums. Also featured on a few tracks are Pharez Whitted, trumpet and Dr. Cuz, percussion. DVD also features commentary/interview track. .

DVD: 038153157753


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BROWN, ARI / Live At The Green Mill -DVD *Delmark 1577
Jazz DVD




Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons

The Messenger: Live at the Original Velvet Lounge

AACM saxophonist/composer/bandleader Ernest Dawkins brought his NHE into the Velvet Lounge on July 14, 2005 for this live DVD/CD knowing it would be one of the groups' last performances at the historic "old" Velvet Lounge. The club is now closed (the last night was April 1, 2006) though the new location is supposed to be open soon. Trumpeter Maurice Brown has been gaining much critical acclaim and popularity in the last two years. His return to Chicago from New Orleans for this gig is a wonderful addition to Steve Berry, trombone; Darius Savage, bass and Isaiah Spencer, drums. Other Delmark albums by Ernest Dawkins' NHE include Mean Ameen (559); Capetown Shuffle (545); Jo'burg Jump (524).

DVD 1570 038153157050. DVD is Region 0 NTSC.

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DAWKINS, ERNEST / Live at the original velvet lounge -DVD
Jazz DVD w/ Maurice Brown, Steve Berry Delmark 1570




Deep Blue Organ Trio

Goin' To Town: Live at the Green Mill

Here's what the critics said about Deep Blue's first CD Deep Blue Bruise (Delmark 556): Organist Chris Foreman's "insistently swinging, blues-drenched solo lines are dripping with churchified soul and show a fertile imagination. Foreman stands to advance to the front ranks of the elite B3 burners on today's scene" -JazzTimes. "Whether the groove is moody, funky, or briskly swinging, guitarist Bobby Broom plays a crisp, articulated attack and wraps his spiraling lines in timbres that glow like burnished copper" -Guitar Player. "Rockingham again proves to be one of the steadiest and most reliably swinging drummers around" -JazzTimes. Goin' To Town takes us direct to the Green Mill, where they created their sound & have been exciting crowds Tuesday nights for the last 3 years! DVD has interview special feature.

DVD 1569 038153156954

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DEEP BLUE ORGAN TRIO / Goin to town - Live at the Green Mill -DVD *Delmark 1569
Jazz DVD Delmark 1569 *D




Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio
featuring Billy Bang

Live At The River East Art Center
Delmark DVD 1566 (DVD) $24.99

Master drummer/percussionist Kahil El'Zabar brought in special guest, violinist Billy Bang to perform live at Chicago's River East Art Center on December 18, 2004. The concert was a multi-media event with painters, sculptors, and video projection. This event can be seen on DVD (DTS 5.1 Surround, Dolby Surround, Stereo) and is also available on CD. DVD also contains 30 minute interview special feature. Bassist Malachi Favors made his transition on January 30, 2004 and so this is the first recording with new member Yosef Ben Israel. The fit is perfect as Yosef lays down the wicked bass grooves that are the foundation of the group's excursions. Ari Brown brings his tenor sax to the edge of screech without crossing the threshold making his statements adventurous yet grounded.

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El'Zabar, Kahil Ritual Trio featuring Billy Bang / Live At The River East Art Center -DVD *E
Jazz DVD. Delmark DV1566.




Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Hot 'N' Heavy

Delmark DVD 1574


Kahil El'Zabar, drums, earth drums, kalimba; Corey Wilkes, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion; Ernest Dawkins, alto and tenor saxophone, percussion; Fareed Haque, electric and acoustic guitar. In a Down Beat review of their previous Delmark album, Freedom Jazz Dance (517) Paul de Barros wrote "The forms being advanced here-or at least merged in a creative, new way-are African-American syncopation (funk, jazz) and the vertically integrated multiple parts of African drum ensemble music. With folkish simplicity and beguilingly subdued dynamics, Ethnic heritage Ensemble-drums, guitar and two horns-achieves an effect something like an ad hoc percussion band walking the second line, with a little James Brown thrown in." DVD also contains interview special feature.
Also available: The Continuum (Delmark 496).

038153157456 DVD

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Jazz CD Delmark 574 *E




The Jazz O'Maniacs

Sunset Cafe Stomp

Delmark DVD 1244 / CD DE 244

This traditional jazz group from Hamburg, Germany came to Meyers Ace Hardware on 35th Street in Chicago to perform at what was once the famous Sunset Café where Louis Armstrong played in the '30s. The building is an official Chicago landmark and still contains some of the original wall murals. Delmark recorded & videotaped the event as well as Jazz-O-Maniacs live at the BixFest in Racine WI later the same week. "Weary Blues", "Come On Coot Do That Thing", "Drop That Sack", "Sweet Mumtaz", "Put Em Down Blues", "My Baby", "Beer Garden Blues", "Willie The Weeper" & more.

038153124458 DVD

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JAZZ O'MANIACS / Sunset Cafe Stomp -DVD *Delmark 1244
Jazz DVD Delmark 1244. *J




Nicole Mitchell
Black Unstoppable

Delmark DVD 1575 CD DE 575
Nicole Mitchell brings an exciting new approach to flute improvisation. Co-president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), she is the founder of the critically acclaimed Black Earth Ensemble. Mitchell, Downbeat magazine's "#1 Rising Star Flutist 2006 and 2007," has performed with Anthony Braxton, James Newton & Muhal Richard Abrams. Awarded "Chicagoan of the Year 2006" by the Chicago Tribune, Mitchell does residencies, workshops & panel discussions in Europe, Canada & the U.S. With David Boykin, saxophone; David Young, trumpet, Jeff Parker, guitar; Tomeka Reid, cello; Josh Abrams, bass; Marcus Evans, drums; Ugochi, vocals. DVD is live at the Velvet Lounge, CD is studio recording of the same compositions.

DVD: 038153157555

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Delmark - 55 Years Of Jazz

Delmark DE 914 (CD & DVD together)

Contains one CD and one DVD! After wearing out Delmark's 2003 set celebrating 50 years of great jazz you probably thought you were going tohave to wait at least until 2013 for another such anniversary collection but when you've got a rich catalog like Delmark's and a label head like Bob Koester who is committed to keep expanding that catalog, why not seize every opportunity to throw a party for your enterprise-and all the great artists behind the candles on the cake? CD features Coleman Hawkins, Sun Ra, George Lewis, Curtis Fuller, Deep Blue Organ Trio, Francine Griffin and more. DVD features Nicole Mitchell, Ari Brown, Fred Anderson, Chicago Underground Trio and more.


DELMARK / 55 Years Of Jazz -CD & DVD





Carey & Lurrie Bell

Gettin' Up, Live:
at Buddy Guy's Legends, Rosa's
& Lurrie's Home

Delmark DVD 1791 / CD DE 791

Blues harmonica legend Carey Bell created his own style after learning from the masters: Big Walter, Little Walter, and Sonny Boy II. A veteran of both Muddy Waters' & Willie Dixon's bands. He celebrated his 70th birthday just after this recording and is still going strong. Lurrie Bell, Carey's eldest son, has recorded a handful of albums with his father starting with 1977's Heartaches and Pain (Delmark 666). Since the release of Mercurial Son (Delmark 679), the amazing guitarist has been dazzling audiences around the world. 30 years after first recording together Carey & Lurrie Bell have reunited for this DVD/CD.

038153179151 DVD.

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BELL, CAREY and LURRIE / Gettin Up -DVD *live at
Blues DVD live at Rosa's, Legends & at home, +interview Delmark 1791




Jimmy Burns

Live At B.L.U.E.S.

Delmark DVD 1789 / CD DE 789

Born in Dublin, Mississippi in 1943, Jimmy Burns derived his earliest inspiration from the records of Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and others. After Jimmy moved to Chicago in the mid-'50s he discovered a scene that was perfect for the meld of traditional blues, churchy emotionalism, and forward-looking pop/R&B sophistication that by then comprised his musical aesthetic. Live at B.L.U.E.S. captures perfectly the indelible combination of ebullient good spirits, warm-hearted intimacy, and sharp-witted intelligence that characterizes Jimmy Burns, as both a musician and a man. DVD contains 12 songs, two bonus tracks and an audio interview/commentary special feature. Also available: Leaving Here Walking (Delmark 694), Night Time Again (730) and Back To The Delta (770).

038153178956 DVD

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BURNS, JIMMY / Live at B.L.U.E.S. -DVD
Blues CD Delmark 1789 *BLB




Little Arthur Duncan

Live At Rosa's Blues Lounge

Delmark DVD 1793 CD DE 793

Live at Rosa's Blues Lounge You can still find the deep-rooted, hard swinging, rough and tumble blues that has inspired and moved generations of fans and musicians ever since the heyday of Chicago blues. Vocalist/songwriter/bandleader/harmonica player Little Arthur Duncan is one of the 'must see' artists for fans of the true, deep, lowdown blues. The music on this disc is raw and raucous and not very polished, but then Arthur's music has never been about slickness - it's about a good time, a deep blues feel, and above all a strong groove. So don't spend a whole lot of time analyzing it - relax and enjoy good solid traditional Chicago blues played by some of the best in Chicago who still play it. With special guest Little Al Thomas. DVD special feature; Little Arthur commentary. Also available: Singin' With The Sun (Delmark 733).


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DUNCAN, LITTLE ARTHUR / Live At Rosa's Blues Lounge -DVD
Jazz DVD Delmark 1793




Mississippi Heat

One Eye Open:
Live at Rosa's Lounge, Chicago

DVD: Delmark DVD 1783
CD: Delmark DE 783


As bandleader and composer, Pierre Lacocque's vision has never wavered since he founded Mississippi Heat in 1991. "Mississippi Heat not only breathes new life into the classic sounds of Chicago Blues but they also uplift with joy and dedication everything they play. Pierre Lacocque is that rare younger generation harpist who's absorbed the lessons of subtlety, silence and solo construction from the masters." - David Whiteis, Chicago Reader. Mississippi Heat's lineup for this live recording is Inetta Visor, vocals; Lurrie Bell, vocal/guitar; Max Valldeneu, guitar; Chris "Hambone" Cameron, organ/piano; Spurling Banks, bass; Kenny Smith, drums. DVD contains high resolution stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

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Byther Smith

Blues On The Moon

Delmark DVD 1796 CD DE 796

Byther Smith is a fighter, a scrapper, a hard worker and a survivor. As a child in Monticello, Mississippi he lost both his parents; his mother when he was one year old and his father six months later. Shipped off to Arizona as a young man, Smitty took up boxing in part to deal with the pain. "I had 69 amateur fights and I only lost one." Smitty came to Chicago in the mid-'50s and by the early '60s was playing at Theresa's Lounge, where he backed Junior Wells. He also worked with Big Mama Thornton, George "Harmonica" Smith and Otis Rush. He recorded his first LP for the Grits label in 1983, two for Bullseye in the early '90s, and this is his fourth Delmark CD - his first live album. DVD contains one bonus track and Byther Smith commentary special feature. Also available: Mississippi Kid (Delmark 691), All Night Long (Delmark 708), Hold That Train (Delmark 774), Junior Wells, Live at Theresa's 1975 (Delmark 787).

DVD: 038153179656


SMITH, BYTHER / Blues On The Moon -DVD *Delmark 1796
Blues DVD Delmark 1796


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Dave Specter

Live In Chicago

Delmark DVD 1794
CD DE 794

Blues guitarist Dave Specter is never prone to grandstanding. He communicates an inherent sense of style and form, subtlety and swing, keeping his magnetic needle always fixed on a steady, unalterable course. Recorded live at Buddy Guy's Legends and Rosa's Blues Lounge, Live In Chicago features special guests Jimmy Johnson, Tad Robinson and Sharon Lewis. The CD contains four instrumentals and two songs by each of the guest vocalists, while the DVD has three vocals by each. DVD also contains Specter commentary special feature. Boss Funk, What Love Did To Me, What's Your Angle, Feel So Bad, Out On The Road, In Too Deep, Angel and more...

DVD: 038153179458 /

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SPECTER, DAVE / Live in Chicago -DVD *Delmark 1794
Blues DVD Delmark 1794




Tail Dragger

My Head Is Bald:
Live at Vern's Friendly Lounge, Chicago

DVD: Delmark DVD 1782

FEATURING Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell
& Jimmy Dawkins

A wonderfully dramatic showman Tail Dragger also possesses one of the most authentic and distinct Chicago Blues voices ever. In 1998 his American People (Delmark 728) CD, was described as "tour de force Chicago Blues" by Art Tipaldi in Blues Revue. Those who have seen Tail Dragger perform know that a studio CD cannot fully capture the excitement of a live show. My Head Is Bald remedies that by presenting a live recording done on Chicago's west side, where Tail Dragger currently performs every Sunday. The DVD is highly enjoyable because it takes you right there - you can follow Tail Dragger as he moves around Vern's interacting with the appreciative crowd. DVD is in high resolution stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. With Bob Stroger and Kenny Smith. "One day this boy will take my place" - Howlin' Wolf

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Delmark - 55 Years Of Blues

Delmark DE 915 (CD & DVD together)

Contains one CD and one DVD! Delmark 55th anniversary blues bash at Buddy Guy's Legends on March 7, 2008 was suitably festive, with most of Delmark's local blues roster on hand and a Delmark Day proclamation from Mayor Daley. The role that Bob Koester, his label and his Jazz Record Mart haveplayed since relocating some fifty years ago from St. Louis in nurturing and furthering the Chicago blues scene have broadened its horizons and benefitted virtually everyone involved in some way. CD features Junior Wells, Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Speckled Red, Willie Kent and more. DVD features Tail Dragger, Byther Smith, JimmyBurns, Zora Young's performance from the 55th anniversary bash and more.


DELMARK / 55 Years Of Blues -CD & DVD






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