Spider Eating Preacher is the new album by Chicago blues legend Eddie C. Campbell and it's a family affair. Eddie & Barbara's musical partnership is in full blossom as Barbara plays bass on six songs. Barbara learned the authentic Chicago blues bass "bump" from Eddie! Spider Eating Preacher features 12 new original compositions, including the title track, a song about Barbara's blindness. Their son, David, plays violin on two songs. Eddie is Lurrie Bell's godfather. This is the first time they've recorded together since the teenaged Lurrie played bass on the title track on Eddie's classic 1977 album King of the Jungle. Eddie and Lurrie both play guitar & harp here. Spider Eating Preacher is Eddie's follow-up to Tear This World Up (Delmark 799) which was a finalist for Album of the Year in the 2010 Blues Music Awards.

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