Dave Specter
Live In Chicago

Delmark DVD 1794
CD DE 794

Blues guitarist Dave Specter is never prone to grandstanding. He communicates an inherent sense of style and form, subtlety and swing, keeping his magnetic needle always fixed on a steady, unalterable course. Recorded live at Buddy Guy's Legends and Rosa's Blues Lounge, Live In Chicago features special guests Jimmy Johnson, Tad Robinson and Sharon Lewis. The CD contains four instrumentals and two songs by each of the guest vocalists, while the DVD has three vocals by each. DVD also contains Specter commentary special feature. Boss Funk, What Love Did To Me, What's Your Angle, Feel So Bad, Out On The Road, In Too Deep, Angel and more...
DVD: 038153179458 / CD: 038153079420




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Dave Specter & Tad Robinson - Live In Chicago


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