Carey & Lurrie Bell

Gettin' Up, Live:
at Buddy Guy's Legends, Rosa's
& Lurrie's Home

Delmark DVD 1791 / CD DE 791

Blues harmonica legend Carey Bell created his own style after learning from the masters: Big Walter, Little Walter, and Sonny Boy II. A veteran of both Muddy Waters' & Willie Dixon's bands. He celebrated his 70th birthday just after this recording and is still going strong. Lurrie Bell, Carey's eldest son, has recorded a handful of albums with his father starting with 1977's Heartaches and Pain (Delmark 666). Since the release of Mercurial Son (Delmark 679), the amazing guitarist has been dazzling audiences around the world. 30 years after first recording together Carey & Lurrie Bell have reunited for this DVD/CD.

038153179151 DVD, 038153079123 CD.

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Carey & Lurrie Bell - Gettin' Up - Live At Buddy Guy's Legends, Rosa and Lurrie's Home (With Bob Stronger & Kenny Smith)

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