Mississippi Heat
One Eye Open:
Live at Rosa's Lounge, Chicago

DVD: Delmark DVD 1783
CD: Delmark DE 783


As bandleader and composer, Pierre Lacocque's vision has never wavered since he founded Mississippi Heat in 1991. "Mississippi Heat not only breathes new life into the classic sounds of Chicago Blues but they also uplift with joy and dedication everything they play. Pierre Lacocque is that rare younger generation harpist who's absorbed the lessons of subtlety, silence and solo construction from the masters." - David Whiteis, Chicago Reader. Mississippi Heat's lineup for this live recording is Inetta Visor, vocals; Lurrie Bell, vocal/guitar; Max Valldeneu, guitar; Chris "Hambone" Cameron, organ/piano; Spurling Banks, bass; Kenny Smith, drums. DVD contains high resolution stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

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Lurrie Bell & Mississippi Heat - One Eye Open: Live At Rosa's Lounge

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