Tail Dragger
My Head Is Bald:
Live at Vern's Friendly Lounge, Chicago

DVD: Delmark DVD 1782
CD: Delmark DE 782

FEATURING Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell
& Jimmy Dawkins

A wonderfully dramatic showman Tail Dragger also possesses one of the most authentic and distinct Chicago Blues voices ever. In 1998 his American People (Delmark 728) CD, was described as "tour de force Chicago Blues" by Art Tipaldi in Blues Revue. Those who have seen Tail Dragger perform know that a studio CD cannot fully capture the excitement of a live show. My Head Is Bald remedies that by presenting a live recording done on Chicago's west side, where Tail Dragger currently performs every Sunday. The DVD is highly enjoyable because it takes you right there - you can follow Tail Dragger as he moves around Vern's interacting with the appreciative crowd. DVD is in high resolution stereo, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. With Bob Stroger and Kenny Smith. "One day this boy will take my place" - Howlin' Wolf

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Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell & Tail Dragger - My Head Is Bald - Live at Vern's Friendly Lounge, Chicago

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