The Big DooWopper
Feel the Spirit
Delmark DE-766 $15.99

All In The Joy, The Big DooWopper's first CD (Delmark 742), featured a wonderful blend of Chicago blues, R&B, soul blues, doowop and other related styles. This time the entire program is made up of gospel songs associated with Mahalia Jackson. The Big DooWopper sings all the parts including the harmonies, creating exciting performances in the classic gospel quartet format, like the moving "Lead Me, Guide Me". There's even two songs with twenty voices! And there's solo pieces -- just the DooWopper singing his heart out and wailing on the piano, like the opener "Dig A Little Deeper". Another moving musical testament by the sight-impaired, street musician from Chicago.


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The Big DooWopper - Feel the Spirit: A Tribute to Mahalia

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