Great Gospel Quartets
On The Battlefield
Delmark DE-760 $15.99

Featuring Southern Tornadoes, Veteran Singers, Spitualaires, Joiner's Five Trumpets

United's most popular gospel artists included Robert Anderson (Working The Road - The Golden Age of Chicago Gospel, Delmark 702), Staple Singers and The Caravans but recorded many other lesser-known, talented groups. By 1952, a harder edged, more dramatic "shout" type of gospel singing had taken the place of the conservative jubilee tradition. The introduction of the knee-drop, ad-lib, preacherly interjections, swing-lead and exaggerated vocal ornamentation had taken hold of black quartet. On The Battlefield features United's gospel quartets; Southern Tornadoes, Veteran Singers, Spiritualaires and Joiner's Five Trumpets. Contains 25 tracks including 17 previously unissued.


Jazz CD DE 760


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