Jimmy proved himself one of the best contemporary blues artist in the late seventies and early eighties with two killer albums on Delmark, Johnson's Whacks (Delmark 644) and North // South (Delmark 647). Jim O'Neal, founding editor of Living Blues, wrote "Jimmy's fervent, high-register singing is just stunning; combined with his fluent, note-bending guitar work, those marvelous vocals invest the supercharged blues of Jimmy Johnson not just with deep emotion but also with a rare, anguished kind of beauty." O'Neal's original 1977 notes and new updated notes tell the history of this album and Jimmy's musical journeys. Produced by the legendary Ralph Bass (James Brown, T-Bone Walker, Little Esther Phillips) in 1977, Pepper's Hangout is Chicago blues at its best.

Song List:
1. Same Old Blues
2. Married Woman Blues
3. High Heel Sneakers
4. The Things That I Used To Do
5. Pepper's Hangout
6. Looking For My Baby
7. Riding In The Moonlight

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